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Residential Detox

There are three key steps in the drug detoxification process at Coastal Addiction Center: 

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1. Evaluation:

When a client begins drug detoxification, (detox) they are tested to determine which substances, and in what amounts, are present in their bloodstream. At the same time, clinicians also evaluate the patient for any anxiety disorder, depression, potential co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis, and mental or behavioral issues or concerns.

2. Stabilization:

The patient is guided through the process of detoxification. This may be done with or without medications, but typically medications are appropriate. Medication Guide Here


Stabilization also involves explaining to the patient what to expect during the treatment and recovery process. When appropriate, family or friends who are close to the addict may be involved to help provide emotional support and care.

3. Life After Detox:


Coastal Addiction Center staff and counselors are committed to ensuring that every client leaves with a solid, customized plan for continued health and well being. This may include any of the following: admitting into our 30-day residential treatment program, admitting into an Outpatient program, entering into a sober living home, connecting with an individual therapist or attending 12 step or other support meetings.


We have the ability to assess and begin to treat detoxification symptoms safely and comfortably using medication-assisted treatment and 24/7 staffing to meet all of your needs.

At Coastal Addiction Center we offer medication-assisted detoxification in a serene, safe, non-hospital, residential home setting. Our fully licensed detox facility will help you safely and comfortably detox from any substance in our warm, supportive and caring family environment.

Our highly trained medical staff can and does make the recovering addict or alcoholic much more comfortable during the process by correct medical tapers.


Professional medical staff can help to ensure the safety of the recovering addict by monitoring vital signs and looking for extreme symptoms that could result in life-threatening conditions like seizures, stroke or heart attack.


The experts at Coastal Addiction Center will conduct comprehensive assessments to determine the most effective and safe detox treatment strategy based on your own unique individual history and current condition.

We truly believe that suffering unnecessary symptoms of withdrawal can hinder the recovery process. Rest assured that Coastal Addiction Center's skilled and compassionate clinical and medical team of addiction specialists will assist you in the detoxification process using the most effective and proven medications and protocols. 

Our staff looks forward to helping you in the detoxification process in our private, safe and healing environment.


The Coastal Addiction Center Detox Treatment Program

* Tailored detoxification protocol


* 24-hour monitoring


* Medical and Clinical staff available 24/7


* Five to a ten-day length of stay (detoxification only)


* Semi-private rooms


* Our Cooks provide well-balanced meals and snacks daily

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