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Lisa Osendorf, CADC, MATC

Executive Directive

On a very fundamental level, I believe my personal struggle with addiction and recovery is what drives me today.  I will never forget where I came from or where I’ve been, how incredibly hard I’ve worked to be the person I am today.  For that reason, I respect each person’s own struggle with addiction and the path that we all must navigate to become the person we know we can be in life.


I have over 7 years of recovery and find myself grateful and blessed every day that I’ve been lead to Coastal Addiction Center.  


I am humbled by my work.  I am, at every single moment of my life, aware that I would not be where I am without the immense support and help of those who stepped in when I could not help myself.  It is my true goal to pay that forward.

Lisa Osendorf, Executie Director at Coastal Addiction Center, a drug and alcohol rehab in Orange Couny, CA

Call Coastal Addiction Center 24/7 at 1(844) 627-3268

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