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Hormone Replacement Therapy 


Good health plays a huge part in your recovery. Bad habits can contribute to relapse. Hormone imbalances affect our temperament, energy level, motivation, and the ability to maintain a recovery program.

Most people don’t realize that hormones may be playing a part in your struggles with addiction and recovery.


Alcohol, drugs, and other narcotic medications will suppress and alter your hormone levels.

Low Testosterone In Men  ( Low T )


Low testosterone levels in men can result from illegal substances and environmental disruptors. Testosterone is like a natural antidepressant for men, and when levels decline, you will experience weight gain, fatigue, depressed moods, attitude changes, and lack of motivation.

All of these are triggers that can lead to relapse.


Hormonal Decline in Women  


Many women experience hormonal decline much younger due to medications, drugs, alcohol, menopause and environmental factors. This hormonal decline can result in fatigue, depression, and anxiety. These stressors can lead to a significantly increased risk of relapse.


You can’t see hormonal imbalances and if you don’t know to look for it, you will not find it. People who continually relapse and/or have trouble working their recovery program may be lacking energy, drive, be depressed, or having trouble maintaining their motivation to continue on the path to recovery.


Please take our Quiz to help you determine if you may be suffering from low hormone levels.

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