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Family Education & Groups

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Education for Families


Understanding addiction and treatment is a crucial component of being around a loved one who is new in recovery.  Without the proper coaching, the family dynamic can become hostile and dysfunctional even after the individual has stopped using drugs and alcohol!  We provide education about the disease of addiction so you can set healthy expectations and boundaries correctly with your loved one. 


Proper education is absolutely necessary for setting a pathway to success.  We provide education sessions both over the phone and in person.  We go over how addiction works, what it does to the brain, and explain patterns of behavior before, during, and after treatment.  Call anytime to schedule a phone session or come visit us!  Coastal Addiction Center's Drug and Alcohol Rehab is located in Anaheim, in Orange County, CA.



Family Sessions During Treatment at our Drug & Alcohol Rehab


The disease of addiction doesn't only affect those addicted.  Often entire families feel the pain and weight of addiction and suffer as well.  Maintaining healthy relationships and behavior in early recovery is important because tensions are usually high and people are the most vulnerable.  Everything is still so fresh that it's often difficult to cope we everything that has happened.  The healing process needs to involve the entire family.  To set up a proper foundation for healing and recovery for everyone, we provide tools and education to the individual as well as their families.  


While your loved one is in treatment, we encourage you to set up a family session with one of our licensed and certified counselors.  During these sessions, we go over setting healthy boundaries and making sure everyone is familiar with the treatment process.  An important aspect of treatment is having a long-term aftercare plan.  During the session, we go over what that plan will look like and how to ensure accountability.  Not all of addiction treatment is intuitive so we highly encourage you to participate in these sessions and learn everything that you can.



Couples Counseling:


Romantic relationships are often severely damaged by addiction.  Most people assume that once their partner has stopped using drugs and alcohol everything will become better.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case.  There is significant work that has to be done within the relationship, especially in early recovery.  This is where understanding realistic expectations and setting boundaries come in.


Either over the phone or in person, we provide counseling and education to couples to set them up for success and a happy journey into recovery.  Without a proper foundation, maintaining a relationship in early recovery can become exceedingly difficult.  There's work that the addict or alcoholic has to do of course, but there's also recovery for their partner.  Understanding the healing process and what to do long-term sets up the foundation that needed for success.


During these sessions, we educate couples on what to do, where to go, and what to expect, as both of them progress through the recovery process.


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