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Ethics In Addiction Treatment


Person writing about the ethics in addiction treatment

Ethics and morality surrounding the recovery community have been a source of distress for many years. Certain treatment centers and rehab “brokers” nationwide have given the recovery community and industry a bad name. They have made it much more difficult for patients to find treatment and get the help they need.


Addiction treatment is a booming industry. Different types of treatment can cost upwards of several tens of thousands of dollars per month for inpatient intensive care. This high-cost industry has attracted some unsavory characters, to say the least. These unethical individuals will go to despicable lengths to exploit the suffering alcoholic or addict.


If you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse, knowing how to find the right kind of care from a reputable provider, in a timely fashion, is crucial.


What To Look For And What To Watch Out For

The best way to avoid being the victim of unethical treatment practices is to educate yourself and to be able to identify unethical behavior when you see it. This following list may help you identify some things to watch out for.


1. Advertisements - Where did you hear about this treatment center? Did the advertisement have a name and location that exactly matches the treatment center’s licensed address? Are the pictures advertised pictures from the actual treatment center?


2. Brokers - There are countless incidents of individuals out there that look for patients at any cost. They simply get paid by the number of heads they bring to the door. This is one of the most unethical practices and literally qualifies as human trafficking. Figure out how this representative is involved with the treatment facility. This isn’t always the easiest task but can be a sure sign of unethical behavior.


3. Licenses/credentials - Is the treatment center licensed and accredited with the appropriate organizations for its scope of practice? Is the staff licensed/certified/registered?


4. What does treatment look like? - What type of programs and treatment methods are utilized at their facility? Is it 12 Step? SMART? Is there any niche the center works in or other scopes of practice? Do they work with dual diagnosis patients?


5. Incentives - Does treatment sound too good to be true? As the old saying goes, if it does then it probably is. Are they offering money for you to enter treatment or any monetary or material incentive? This is usually a red flag. Are they promising a permanent cure?


6. Finances - Make sure that you completely understand the financial portion of treatment upfront. If you are going through a health care insurance program, make sure you know exactly what you will be responsible for. Any time a treatment center avoids discussing finances it is an immediate red flag.


7. Owners and operators - Find out who owns the treatment center. Who runs it? What is their background? It is good to know who the person or people are that will be responsible for you or your loved one’s care.


8. Follow up care and relapse prevention - Ask the treatment center what happens after treatment. A reputable treatment facility that truly has the patient’s well being in mind will equip the patient with tools they can utilize for their long-term recovery and sobriety. They will often have a person or counselor who facilitates and helps implement a defined continuing care plan for when the patient leaves inpatient treatment.


While this list may not be the only thing necessary to avoid being victimized, it should provide you with a foundation from which to build on. Please do everything you can to make sure you or your loved one is getting the help needed. The disease of addiction itself it damaging enough to not need further complication when finding treatment.


Here at Coastal Addiction Center, our primary purpose is to provide those suffering from substance abuse the highest possible level of care. We use proven, tested methods as well as the latest from research in treatment methodology. We truly are Orange County, California’s premier ethical treatment center. We hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity.


Please reach out to us if you need any help in starting the road to recovery.


Coastal Addiction Center

1(844) 627-3268

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