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David Asher, MD


Board Certified Addiction Specialist

“Everyone deserves and needs a 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes 4th chance - especially when it’s someone struggling with addiction.”

Dr. David Asher is the founder and physician at Coastal Addiction Center, located in Anaheim, California.  Originally from Anaheim, Dr. Asher has a true connection and commitment to the community.


Dr. Asher graduated from Servite High School in 1986.  From there he went on to complete his undergrad at Cal State San Bernardino.  After graduating in 1993, he attended Medical School at Dartmouth University. Graduating Dartmouth in 1997, he then completed his Residency at White Memorial, located in East Los Angeles.


After his Residency, Dr. Asher immediately demonstrated his enthusiasm for medicine and changing lives.  He started his own family practice and urgent care facility in 2000, specializing in sports medicine and hormone replacement.


In 2006, he started noticing many patients were coming in struggling with addiction.  He immediately saw the devastation and destruction this insidious disease was causing.  He realized that he was connecting with these patients and noticed the lack of ethical addiction treatment and care from society.  He wanted to help these patients and the community. From 2006 - 2008, his patient volume increased to include more than 70% addiction. He started to work with local treatment facilities of all levels of care(detox, residential, and outpatient).  


He worked very hard to help these patients throughout the years and in 2015, Dr. David Asher became a Board-Certified Addiction Specialist.  


Knowing that more could be done and seeing a lack of ethical detox and inpatient facilities, Dr. David Asher opened Coastal Addiction Center in 2017.


He does everything in his power to help each individual have a chance at a clean and sober life.  He understands that the work comes from the individual. He also knows that everyone at some point needs someone to believe in them.  He is that person.


Coastal Addiction Center is one of Orange County’s premier drug and alcohol rehabs.  When seeking treatment, it is incredibly important to find a drug rehab or alcohol rehab that truly has the patient’s best interests in mind.  Coastal Addiction Center is part of the ethics collaborative and uses the latest developments in addiction medicine to provide the absolute highest level of care possible.

Dr. David Asher, Founder and physician at Coastal Addiction Center, a drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA
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