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Current Opioid Crisis In The United States



Over the last few years, opioid abuse has grown quite quickly into a major public health issue in the United States. Due to millions of reported cases over the last couple of years, the problem now receives attention from the government and many private stakeholders. Thankfully, more people are now feeling the need to work together to eradicate this problem that is gradually becoming a national epidemic. 


Sadly, despite multiple efforts from different quarters, it still doesn't seem like enough is being done yet. There is a role for everyone to play in the combat against the opioid abuse crisis in the country.


Thankfully, we at Coastal Addiction Center thoroughly understand addiction. We know how bad the physical and mental pain from it can be. Being a doctor-owned and -operated addiction treatment center, we have also developed reliable methods with scientific backing to help save lives. Before explaining the strategies we have for helping to treat opioid addiction in the United States, let's first take you through a background knowledge of this epidemic and how it is devastating Americans daily. 


A Little Background 

You've probably heard the words “opioid epidemic” being thrown around in the media. You are probably wondering why it has gained so much publicity over the past few years. Don't worry, in this article; we will help you understand what it really is and why actions should be taken against it urgently. We will also let you know how we are working towards helping people that might find themselves in a mess caused by this crisis. 


Despite increasingly gaining more light in the media over the last few years, a lot of people still do not know what the opioid crisis in the US is really about.

The opioid epidemics (or crisis) refers to the alarming increase in the number of deaths and hospitalizations from opioids. Opioids may include prescriptions and illicit drugs. Recent statistics point to the fact that these drugs are responsible for over 115 deaths per day, across the US. That is about 40,000 deaths in a year. Due to the increased harm caused by the opioid epidemic, drug overdose has now become the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. 


What Really Are Opioids?

Opioids are generally drugs that are derived from opium. Morphine is the most dominant natural opioid contained in opium. Until recently, morphine was used as a pain reliever. With the advancement of medicine, however, new methods of replicating morphine and making it stronger were invented. The scarcity of morphine led to the development of new opioids like methadone. Other opioids were developed in an attempt to invent less addictive drugs. 


Some typical examples of opioids include:











The Prescription Opioid Epidemic

It is a known fact that many addicts started after initially receiving a prescription. These pain relievers have an incredibly addictive nature that gets the human brain to crave for it. Most times, it is only at the end of a prescription that a lot of users realize how dependent their 'normalcy' has become on the effect of opioids. At this point, they stand between two choices: to either force themselves to stay clean and endure whatever pain that comes with withdrawal from opioids, or to look for an alternative that will get them as high as the opioids do. It is often at this point that people turn to and get addicted to illicit drugs. 


Many users turn to heroin and its likes because of the expensive nature of prescription opioids. Heroin is often cheaper, easier to find, and even more potent than prescription opioids. According to statistics, about 80% of Americans using heroin today started from one prescription to another opioid.


Who Do The Crises Affect?

In case you are still wondering, the opioid crisis affects people across different demographics, irrespective of belief, or social stratification. Most times, it doesn't matter whether you are an adult, teen, Christian, Muslim, rich, or poor. Even the people that do not abuse opioids can often feel the effect in their areas or among their loved ones. The emotional and economic burden that this addiction puts on the family is overwhelming. 


What Can Be Done?

As we pointed out earlier in this article, the opioid crisis is an "everybody's problem." Hence, it will take a selective effort from everybody to be able to beat it. Understanding the signs, symptoms, and dangers of opium abuse can be the key that saves someone's life. Note that opioid addiction is not something that only happens to the weak or those with less moral consciousness. Even the very respectable people in society can fall into this biological reaction without knowing it. It is essential to learn how to talk openly to loved ones about it. To help yourself or your loved ones overcome this epidemic, you can reach out to a treatment expert like us immediately you notice symptoms.


How We Can Help

There's no arguing the fact that the main remedy for opioid abuse is medication-assisted treatment (MAT). We are an expert Addiction Treatment Center that has dedicated years to the research of effective methods for treating addictions. All our processes have scientific backing that proves their efficacy for saving lives. Usually, we adopt three practices to help you overcome addiction and lead the healthy life you desire.


Our methods include:



Support from family and friends.


We adopt an expert use of the above three methods to help anybody withdraw from opioids and cope with their cravings. We understand how uneasy the process can be for anybody. Hence our team of experts is ready to walk you through the path to complete recovery. 


There you have it, a few things you should know about the opioid crisis in The United States and how to overcome it. Contact us today to learn how we can help you overcome your addictions.

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