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Modern Day Treatment: Choosing An Addiction Treatment Center In 2020



Cell Phones, Social Media, Emails, Oh My. If you are the type of person that pays attention then perhaps you are as overwhelmed as MANY people are in making the critical life step of getting help for your addiction issues. Fret not because technology is your friend in this process. We are going to look at today exactly how you are going to be able to use what you know and what you have at your disposal to make a positive change that will impact your life forever. It all starts with you. Now that you have sought help, you have conquered the greatest obstacle: yourself. 

In a vast landscape of media there are so many places to begin to look for information but fear not. The gold standard in searching DOES exist. The best 2 organizations for this information by far that you will want to rely on are The Joint Commission And the Commission On Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Both of these non profit organizations have optimal standards when it comes down to vetting facilities that are going to do the most good. In fact they are so trusted, in order to advertise your services on Google or Facebook, being accredited from these orgs is a MUST. If you find a facility through them, you know you are working with someone you can trust. 


You will find that the facilities that excel the most are those that have multidisciplinary practices. I.e. They will be able to offer a vast array of professionals that allow you to develop in many areas of your life. Since the goal is get and always stay clean and sober, these programs are ideal. They are set up in a way that allows you to meet those goals in a much greater capacity.  To be certain you are working with the best facility you can be, you will want to see different medical professionals such as nutritionists, psychologists, wellness specialists and even spiritual counselors in addition to the traditional medical doctors and chemical dependency counselors. When you find a facility that is staffed in that described manner, you can rest assured that you have found and chosen a facility that is going to help you with any and all of your addiction treatment needs. Addiction is not a one sided issue and treating it as such could be costly. 


Now there are other factors to keep in mind when selecting a facility. Even though picking a good one can be a large difference maker, you always want to keep in mind that success in this field is largely self driven. With that being said, you can give yourself an advantage at success by implementing the research capacity modern technology offers so you can make better choices. One good trick of the trade would be to find out what the facilities success rating is. How many patients from that program are successful and what is the measurement they use for success. If good answers are produced from that inquisitive line of thinking, you are in a much better position for success. With technology, facilities providing that information to you is unprecedentedly easy. 


The last important factor when it comes to selecting your new treatment home is going to be cost. Be sure to check with the rehab you are working with to see if your insurance plan will cover costs associated with your treatment. This will allow you to go in with an incredible amount of peace of mind knowing that you are talking and or dealing with someone that is going to be paid by a means that does not involve taking large sums of cash out of your pocket. Once you get the information from your insurance company you can work your way backward with all the advice in this article.


Doesn't that feel better? If you read through this that means you are one of millions of people who most likely suffer from addiction issues but guess what that means? You guessed it. You are not alone. Not now. Not ever. Taking the advice from this article paired with common sense and a positive attitude can only lead you towards the better life you want. You are worth it. Do not let this plague your or your loved ones life any further. Take action and take back control of your life one step at a time. You got this.

Here at Coastal Addiction Center we are committed to providing the absolute highest level of quality addiction treatment in Sunny Orange County, California.  If you have any questions about this crucial process of someone's life, give us a call - We are here to help.

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